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Winterizing #1 - Oil Change


Boat and Equipment Maintenance

 Freeing a Seized Coupler



Bench Testing a New Inverter



Before installing a new inverter on our sailboat, I decided to test it on my workbench to make sure the interter would do what we needed it to do. We were switching from a 1,000-watt true sine wave (TSW) inverter to a 3,000-watt modified sine wave (MSW) inverter. In this new video from, get a better sense of what an inverter does, how to measure battery discharge and ensure the inverter you choose will work with the appliances you have on board. This is the first in a series of electrical upgrade videos from


(59 min 10 sec)



Selecting and Installing a Bilge Pump

This video covers how to inspect, select and replace an electric bilge pump in an older boat. Bring your pump up to date for safety and reliability.

(59 min 10 sec)

Maintaining a Marine Winch

Veteran sailor and instructor Rob MacLeod demonstrates how to disassemble, clean and re-assemble a marine winch. Please note that each winch will be slightly different. Refer to the manufacturers specific instructions for proper disassembly and assembly.

(20 min 54 sec)

Sailboat Cradles - Selection and Maintenance

(32m 52s)

Learn to Sail: The Basics

Online learn to sail course


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