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In 9 Online Lessons - from the Introduction to the Next Steps, you will:


Learn the language of sailing - the terms necessary to communicate effectively on a boat  
> Know the equipment required on a 22 to 26 foot sailboat and how to use it  
> Be able to describe what makes a sailboat go (the physics of sailing) and how to get the boat to stop  
> Learn how to stay safe from the elements – the sun and cold water  
> Be able to obtain and understand weather for day sailing to make sure it is safe to go out on the water  
> Understand the rules of the road that keep boats from colliding and how to avoid dangerous situations  
All of this is covered in 51 individual video lessons spanning more than 3 hours taught by Rob MacLeod, a certified sailing instructor who has taught 1000s of people to sail across North America and throughout the Caribbean.
 $75.00 - For a limited time only - $45.00 (use promo code: ltstb-web)
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Learn to Sail: The Basics Intro Video





Check out some sample lessons from the course

Lesson 2.5 - Relative Positions


Lesson 4.5 Sailing with the Mainsail

Lesson 4.7 Heaving to and Reefing


Lesson 6.4 Dealing with Motion Sickness

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