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Basic Sailing and Cruising Skills

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Rob MacLeod’s learn-to-sail book, Basic Sailing and Cruising Skills, was the go-to book in the late 80’s and 90’s. The book introduced 1000s to the joy of sailing and for many, launched a life long passion for the sport of sailing. It has been 28 years since Rob first wrote and released Basic Sailing and Cruising Skills while still a sailing instructor in Hamilton, Ontario. And now he is back with a new and significantly updated book.

2012-BSCS-Cover-web2Through his company, InformedBoater.com Ltd., Rob is releasing 2 versions of the revised
Basic Sailing and Cruising Skills: Handling a Larger Sailboat under Power and Sail – an enhanced electronic publication (ePub or eBook) and a print version.

Challenged by the static nature of print material for an activity as dynamic as learning to sail, MacLeod looked to make his book more inviting and learner-friendly for the new boater. The ePub has been designed initially for the iPad and incorporates videos and web links into the book. Learners and readers are free to adjust the text size and font to suit their preferences. They can bookmark passages and even enter their own notes into the publication. MacLeod will continue to add videos and references to the book and whenever the book is updated, purchasers are notified and can download the revised version at no additional charge.

The print version is 112 pages of material updated from the 1985 book. What is unique about the print version is the online resources (videos, articles and references to supplement and enhance a new boater’s learning experience) that are accessible through InformedBoater.com.

“I have a passion for people learning to sail,” admits MacLeod. “I talked with instructors, students and sailors across the country about what they needed and wanted in a learn to sail book. I believe we have captured what they were all looking for in Basic Sailing and Cruising Skills.”

Rob will be speaking at Canada’s top boat shows in support of the book. Show dates and topics are available on InformedBoater.com, click on Speaking.


Book availability:
Basic Sailing and Cruising Skills has just come off the press and we have our partners at Nautical Mind with stock. New stores will be added in the coming weeks. Please check back often for new sources.

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